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Pictures Zen Japanese

Discussion in 'Wining & Dining in Thailand' started by SageAdvice, 4 Dec 2016.

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    18 Nov 2016
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    This is a mid-market Japanese restaurant chain suitable for a quick lunch before a movie: as the pics indicate, seafood and pork dominated. Rainbow sushi (salmon, tuna and avocado), special salmon salad (pictured with garlic strips), salmon sushi and stir-fried pork with stir-fried veggies (I don't know the Japanese names of these dishes, but the pics are clear). Steamed rice and miso soup came with the pork set. A tasty and satisfying lunch, efficiently served. Including one large Asahi beer and water: B1200.

    The one annoying event in an otherwise enjoyable experience: a Thai couple brought their children out for lunch. The kids were too young for a restaurant experience and screamed for a half hour at being forced to sit and eat. The lack of concern was evident as both parents devotedly checked phones for Line updates. Such lack of consideration for other diners is all too common, I'm afraid.

    Zen lunch.jpg

    Zen lunch1.jpg

    Zen lunch2.jpg

    Zen lunch4.jpg
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