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Your Ideal Read

Discussion in 'The Library' started by crew, 7 Aug 2011.

  1. crew

    crew Thread Starter Faber College Member

    9 Dec 2010
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    Combine two written works (fiction or non-fiction) and/or two authors (dead or alive) and title your ideal union.

    The Democracy Delusion

    By Richard Dawkins and Noam Chomski

    Dawkins and Chomski join theories to deconstruct the political process and argue that Americans' faith in democracy is as desperate as a believer's faith in their God(s).

    Just a Thought: Now what was it again?
    By Bill Bryson and Albert Einstein

    Bryson uses his classic wit and stunning simplicity to record and explain what Einstein thinks about his Theory of Relativity...but in the present day once Einstein's been able to catch himself up on the latest discoveries.

    Le Comte de L'ile Diable (The Count of Devil's Island)
    By Edgar Dumas and Henri Charriere

    These two Frenchmen end up writing the best damn tale of escape ever written. C'est magnifique!


    Go on then...
  2. Rastus

    Rastus Well-Known Member

    11 Feb 2011
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    by Ian McEwan and Tony Blair

    Ian McEwan and Tony Blair team up to write the minutiae of the day Tony Blair took Britain to war in Iraq. Every word, thought, fear, phone call and fart is recorded for twenty a four hour period, starting as Blair gazes out of his bedroom window at 10 Downing Street while wife Cheri sleeps alone.
  3. happynz

    happynz acostumbrado equivocado

    2 Dec 2010
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    The Deciderer
    George W Bush and Dr Seuss

    Dr Seuss rewrites GWB's memoirs to make it more palatable for an adult audience.
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