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Would you like to teach something else than ESL?

Discussion in 'Teaching Jobs You Know Of' started by kruhjoe, 11 Jun 2016.

  1. DavidUSA

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    16 May 2014
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    I just wanted my school to be honest. I guess I was asking the impossible. They must have sat up at night trying to figure out how to skim salaries. My wife, who is Thai, did not want me to work in Thailand for a public university. Of course, she would not tell me why. Three years later, after I moved to greener pastures, she let out with why, "Because then you would know."

    Here on the north side everyone is working. You get pay raises, not pay surprises. Education is big business--one sees a lot of foreigners such as Tunisians, French, and even Russians, setting up English schools. That is how good it is. My Chinese boss, someone I respect because of his urbanity and brains, just invested a truckload of money into a British company. In other words, Chinese education is spreading.

    I am not sure how other teachers feel about their treatment in Thailand. But I am sure we all have different stories to tell, different experiences.

    Skimming the surface, my cruising yawl enjoyed a favorable wind for delivering some valuable goods, and the weather was like a morning issued to children. After setting out on my journey, I noticed a couple spiny dogfish in the water, which wasn't the cleanest, and the sun began to go down. When the spiny dogfishes, also know as dogfish sharks, came to feed on me and my boat, I felt rage and disgust.

    A sudden northerly breeze caught my boat and soon delivered it into port. The water sparkled, and then I got a hunger and thirst for honesty, high standards, and doing things right at work, which has been reinforced to an incredible degree by bottom-feeding dogfish.
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