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Wine Connection - Mega Bang Na.

Discussion in 'Wining & Dining in Thailand' started by po3try, 9 Jun 2012.

  1. po3try

    po3try Thread Starter Guest

    Lots of 'wine connections' about but as we made our weekly pilgrimage to the furniture gods at Ikea we thought we'd have dinner there too.

    Not my pics but it's a nice looking place...



    Quite a few farang families in there at the time.

    Service was good and not too busy. I had sausages and mash, could have done with a little less onion and a little more mash but it was nice enough. The wife had a seafood spaghetti which was delicious, apparently..

    2 meals, 2 small Singha and a chocolate milkshake came to about 800bht. Which was pretty good.

    The menu is quite varied too, the lamb looked nice..
  2. wildchris

    wildchris New Member

    30 Sep 2011
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    Been to the one in Hua Hin - very good!
  3. losing_touch

    losing_touch Member

    25 Dec 2010
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    Unfortunately, your picture is a little off dude. The second picture is not of the one at Mega Bang Na. Rather, that is Rain Hill on Sukhumvit Road.
  4. Bubba

    Bubba New Member

    14 Dec 2010
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    Went to the one at Paseo on Ramkhamhaeng. Food arrived within two minutes of ordering it, and was obviously a microwave reheat. Shit farang food served in within faux-sophisticated decor for middle-aged farang men and their Thai wives (who made up 100% on the clientele when I was there) - myself included.

    Boring and characterless. Won't be back without good reason.
  5. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    @bubba- I'm not often in BKK but thanks for the warning.
  6. dave123

    dave123 Smurf Diver

    23 Apr 2011
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    A teacher at my school went to the one in Mega Bangna last week, with her tennage nieces. She said the food was mediocre and not what she expected, she wont be going back again.
    I would recommend 7th street bistro or Mangosteen for a much better dining experience, both have a very good menu choice.
    Wine I Love you is also a lot better than wine connection.

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