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Discussion in 'Thai Language' started by po3try, 15 Feb 2011.

  1. po3try

    po3try Thread Starter Guest

    I found this rather interesting.

    Taken from here. Learn Thai Online

  2. Makaveli

    Makaveli aka 2Pac Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    Cheers for the link.....
  3. crew

    crew Faber College Member

    9 Dec 2010
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    i read this last year when it came out. there are some good messages in it (physical nature of speech, exaggeration and the importance of reading thai). however, saying there are only four tones is ridiculous. there are five and there's an easy way to relate them to your fingers in the same way many thais do.

    BTW, i believe this is the same guy running a learn to read thai over the weekend course. it sounds interesting until you see the price tag: 14,000 THB.
  4. po3try

    po3try Thread Starter Guest

    damn that's a lot of $$$.
  5. Rastus

    Rastus Well-Known Member

    11 Feb 2011
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    Whenever I consider buying a book to either use in the classroom or use for my own language learning, I open the book at the first page and a couple of random pages. I can usually get a feel for how good the book is (or isn't) very quickly. A couple of silly mistakes on one page and I know there are dozens or even hundreds of others in the book and I'll put it back on the shelf.

    Looking at the text quoted in the OP, I see two mistakes, mistakes that show a fundamental misunderstanding of Thai tones and/or sloppy editing. I am also not convinced that it is "vitally important" to speak in an "assertive way". I suspect that could cause a few problems when dealing with some Thais. Looking at the website, I am even more doubtful as to the usefulness of this course. Trying to teach the word 'love' (rak/rack) by associating it with the word rug!! (unless your association is via carpet burns). The two words sound very different. Watching the video, now I know it's not worth even the smallest amount of your money, time or effort. There are too many mistakes in that 10 minute video for it not to be a reflection of the poor quality of the course. I don't know how much the course costs, but wouldn't even pay 50 baht for it. There are far better courses available, certainly for learning reading.

    I think the free material available from the link below is better quality than what I saw on LTO. It's fairly basic, but if you don't like it or it isn't useful for you, at least you won't have wasted any money.

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  6. po3try

    po3try Thread Starter Guest

    i'll check it out, thanks rastus.
  7. stimo

    stimo New Member

    4 Jan 2013
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