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The 'One Man One Movie' Genre

Discussion in 'The Movie and Television Lounge' started by slamb, 14 Feb 2014.

  1. slamb

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    28 Dec 2011
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    I watched Gravity last month & was 'unastonished' by the special effects, which were the strong point & obviously there was no story. In the middle of watching 'All is lost' ATM (taking a break after 200 hours, only 100 to go) & literally nothing is happening!

    I liked Enemy Mine & Deep Water (the first one) which featured the interaction between 2 beings only, but I think this new genre with mostly a single actor doing not much & nothing happening to them is crazy. :confused:

    Are people in the UK / USA paying $$$ for this plus $$$ (sorry I've not a pound key) for popcorn & drinks? Are these films up to 2.5 hours long only to encourage gluttony, to extract every $ from the deltas / Eloi?

    I may be old fashioned but the last time I went to a cinema, I brought my own food & drinks (including beer), smoked like a chimney & if I was lucky had some fun in the back row. :hilarious:

    Old times aside, the people who go to the pictures (cinema) to watch these films must be brain dead. Have they seen the trailer? Have they read the reviews?

    Rant over. :smile2:

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    BTW really enjoyed Captain Phillips. Based on a true story but well told. :thumbsup2:

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