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TESOL or CELTA? I want to teach in Thailand.

Discussion in 'Qualifications & Courses' started by Mr 1984, 5 Jan 2017.

  1. Mr 1984

    Mr 1984 Thread Starter New Member

    5 Jan 2017
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    Hi, I'm looking for advice from people in the know.

    Basically I'm looking to move over to Bangkok and Teach. In terms of qualifications I have a BA and a masters degree. 4 years of uni study in total. I have 2 years experience of teaching conversational English, mostly to adults but also children in Japan although this was approximately 10 years ago. In now in my 30's and worked in a professional capacity for the last 8 years but not as a teacher. I have no formal teaching qualifications at present.

    Now as I understand it, I require a tefl qualification to teach in Thailand (visa requirements etc). Having looked online it seems to me that it's best to have either a CELTA or TESOL qualification as these would maximise my income potential rather than no qualification or a tefl taught online. Can someone advise me which qualification is best in terms of salary? I'm edging towards the CELTA at present as if prefer to teach adults.

    In addition, would you recommend enrolling in either a CELTA or TESOL course in Bangkok and then searching for a job. Some schools I've seen guarantee a job although I'm skeptical about them guaranteeing this. The cost also seems to be approximately $1,500 for a four week course, a little pricey but it seems necessary if I'm going to get a good job.

    Finally, could you advice me what I could expect to earn having a MA, CELTA or TESOL qualification and two years experience.

    Many thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any advice given.
  2. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    A TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or similar certificate is not a requirement to teach in Thailand.

    When working in basic education schools, K12 so to say, you need a university degree. To teach long term in Thailand, you need a degree in education, graduate diploma in education or equivalent.
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  3. ttompatz

    ttompatz Just another teacher

    10 Jul 2014
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    In a nutshell (and somewhat a repeat of Stamp's post):
    UK passport - assumed.
    Over 20 - check.
    education to the bachelor degree level - check.
    pulse - assumed.
    Clean ACRO check? (needed for a visa).

    You qualify for a job as an English teacher in Thailand (also: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam).
    Do NOT sign a contract while you are in the UK. You will be sorry.

    Get a tourist visa (currently free - till Feb 28) from a Thai consulate.
    This will give you 60-days plus a 30-day extension to find a position.
    It takes the pressure off you during the job search rather than taking the 1st job that comes along (out of desperation) or the worry about border runs during your first 90-days.

    Fly in to Thailand in April.
    There will be LOTS of jobs available from the end of Songkran to the beginning of school (mid May). Pick one.

    Re: Salary.
    Fresh off the plane - 32 - 40k baht
    Will a TEFL course increase that = no but it may help you keep the job you do find.
    Will an unrelated MA have much impact = no, not as an English teacher.
    Increases will be based on who you know (and who knows you) rather than your "credentials".

    With your credentials you are good for somewhere between 4-6 years of employment with minimal professional development.
    If you want to last longer than that and not have any worries about it (perhaps you will find "love" and want to settle down here) then a 1-year post grad cert in Education is in your future.

    Finding better paying jobs will depend on your networking and performance.
    The best paying jobs are usually reserved for properly accredited teachers (3-4 times more than a TEFL teacher makes).
    Without that accreditation/licensure you are looking at survival wages at best (long term) or changing your field of employment from TEFL to something else.

    With an unrelated MA you might find work in a lower level university.
    The pay sucks (around 25k baht) but the work load is lighter than working in a high school and other financial opportunities will present themselves as you get known.

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  4. Tonyja

    Tonyja Well-Known Member

    9 Feb 2011
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    Just get yourself here end of March and you will easily secure a 40k job.
  5. Gor Blimey Guvnur!

    Gor Blimey Guvnur! What the duck ! Staff Member

    19 Oct 2011
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    Welcome to TT. As above posts yep and good advice, but just like to add that government universities will pay you circa 35K with any MA ...all 3 unis in my town do so. Don't waste your money on a CELTA etc.

    Good luck with your plans.
  6. covertjay

    covertjay Member

    3 Oct 2016
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    MA could be used in middle tier universities for 50k and a lot of free time to peruse private lesson or other interests. It would help to know what the MA is in. I'd go a PGCEi part time while here the teach your MA major at a good uni for 70k.

    And the CELTA is the gold standard of Tefl so go for that over the others if you do choose that route.

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