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Teaching Maths, Science and IT teachers English

Discussion in 'Useful Materials' started by magnumforce, 8 May 2013.

  1. magnumforce

    magnumforce Thread Starter Active Member

    21 Feb 2011
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    I've had many ridiculous requests in my time here but this one takes the biscuit.

    I've been asked to teach the province's Maths, Science and IT teachers English in one day to help them conduct E.I.S. courses in their relevant subjects. E.I.S. is English for Integrated Studies, apparently. They want me to use my magic wand to help Thai teachers of these subjects to deliver their course material effectively in English. Most of them cannot speak English.

    Does anyone have any idea what I could do? They suggested that I read the various textbooks and then plan something. I told them that there was no chance of me doing that and that if the teachers prepared questions in advance of the seminar then I could maybe deal with those for the day.

    Another half-arsed attempt at patching over the glaring inadequacies of education here in Thailand.

    I despair. :no:
  2. po3try

    po3try Guest

    run, come up with an excuse. it'll be horrible.
  3. Wangsuda

    Wangsuda Nonentity Staff Member

    2 Dec 2010
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    One day to teach people English who have no English. I would suggest basic vocabulary in their respective subjects, focusing on correct pronunciation.

    EXAMPLE - math:
    "+" is "addition," "more than," "added to," etc

    It's a com-PU-ter, not a compu-TUH

    I think you see where I'm going with this.
  4. MisterStretch

    MisterStretch Guru di guru-guru Ingeris

    2 Dec 2010
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    To be honest, if I were asked to do that, I would decline and I would use "the black belt analogy".

    Addressing whomever asked this ridiculous question, "You want all of these teachers to learn enough English in one day to do this task correctly? That is a prime example of "the black belt syndrome". Everyone wants to be a quick and easy expert, but no one is willing to work their way through the white belt, the yellow belt and the brown belt. All they want is the black belt. Sorry. It's impossible. There are no magic English pills and I don't have a magic wand. Good luck, bye-bye."
  5. Rastus

    Rastus Well-Known Member

    11 Feb 2011
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    I had a similar request last year. I asked for some guidance on what langauge areas the teachers might need help with. I was promised I would get some. None came. In the end, the other teachers did what was suitable for an M2 English camp. I assume the staff were happy with it as I did not hear of any complaints. Fortunately I was sick that day.

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