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Teach Step 2015

Discussion in 'Ongoing Teacher Development' started by bahn_farang, 14 Mar 2015.

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    21 Feb 2011
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    Last night stayed up late to take part in teach step 2015 by Cambridge. Really enjoyed the event. 3 professionals shared ideas which could be taken back and used in the class rooms. Last night had Carole Read talking about Reflective teaching, Scott Thornbury about how to respond to learner questions and Ceri Jones about kick offs/bridges and closing a lesson.

    For me Carole Read's talk was the best.

    This event is free and well worth the time. This afternoon is day 2 Jack Richards is talking so should be a cracker.

    link is below

    teachSTEP 2015: Day 2 | Cambridge English Teacher

    Presentations were given, certificates of participation are given and on line chat/ q&a

    try it. hope to see you there this afternoon

    - - - Updated - - -

    starts in 10 mins

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