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So the kids wanna become teachers!

Discussion in 'General News from Thailand' started by Gor Blimey Guvnur!, 10 Jan 2017.

  1. Gor Blimey Guvnur!

    Gor Blimey Guvnur! Thread Starter What the duck ! Staff Member

    19 Oct 2011
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    A survey conducted (7 to 14 year olds):
    Survey: Teaching most popular career choice for children | Bangkok Post: news

    Surprising and maybe the field is too narrow. I say this as with my 9/10 year olds a question posed every year: " What do you want to be when you grow up?". Top answers from my students are doctor followed by lawyer, police officer and business person.Teacher I'd figure at less than 10%

    But, "Asked what the first ‘three things they would do’ if they were prime minister, most of their answers were the same as last year -- develop the country, help people in general and those in need, and reform the education system." Well on the third point even a bunch of kids can see there is something not quite right. Come on da gov!
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  2. SundayJam

    SundayJam Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2014
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    Dentist and Pharmacist come up quite a bit too. Don't forget pilot and air hostess. Oooo...what else is top of the list for my students dream job? Diplomat and judge come up an awful lot. Strangely, a lot of my students want to become accountants.
  3. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    Asked my M3 students. Math/ science/ English program (EMS). 3 out of 38 students want to become a teacher.

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