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Siam Asset Management Blind Auctions

Discussion in 'Residing in Thailand' started by bahn_farang, 20 Jan 2017.

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    21 Feb 2011
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    If any of our members wish to test the strength of their resolve, then may I recommend a blind auction by SAM.

    Today, at the Centara Grand was held an auction of the blind variety. Draw a picture in the mind of a situation as follows: A list of available assets twas published, some with construction of house others bare of brick and the mortar.

    The lot to we had traveled to the capital of thy Kingdom on the airline of the bird had not a brick nor a morsel of mortar of construction. Of the plots of over 150, no competitors did compete, some of the bids were successful in their purpose for the benefit of exclusivity was had.

    Turn your attention, if you will, to that of my own spouse. Not one of the previous offerings had met with a counter. Well squeeze my sphincter, it was announced that two bids had been made for the dirt of my attention. The first and that of the other was made at 660,000 baht. How dith we did rejoice for our own bid was made at 750,100 of the same currency.

    Rejoice for we had won.

    No doubt bard is turing in his grave but......
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