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Several job offers in China...

Discussion in 'Teaching Jobs You Know Of' started by sirchai, 28 Dec 2016.

  1. testtaker

    testtaker Member

    14 Dec 2011
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    Confucius say, "One who gets job offer at crystal ball company will make a fortune."
  2. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA την σκαφην σκαφην λεγοντας

    16 May 2014
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    -there are a lot of good teaching jobs in China China Expat | Expat China|外国人网|Guides to 41 Chinese cities - eChinacities.com
    -don't cancel your work permit before you apply for the Z visa
    -try to deal directly with the school, but this is not absolutely necessary
    -coming to China and working without a Z visa is risking arrest and deportation
    -make sure your company or school has permission to hire foreign teachers
    -negotiating is normal in China; you can ask for things that are not in your initial offer
    -the greatest number of hours you can work per week is 26 according to Chinese law
    -many teachers make more money teaching on the side than they do from their salary: especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou
    -you must be aware of the average air pollution level of the place you are headed; some places are awful; do some research
    -most schools treat people fairly, but some jobs are rip-offs: especially when a bad recruiter is involved
    -know that the requirements for employment vary by province
    -once you arrive to China go directly to the local police office and register
    -if you leave China make sure to register with the local police the day you return (or in a hotel's police registration system)
    -China does not actually block the internet completely. They allow you to use a VPN if you want.
    -make sure to ask if you will get paid for long vacations in the summer and winter
    -China makes it easy for you to bring your spouse (His/her residence permit will cost 800 Yuan for one year)
    -there is no reason to accept a job making less than 10,000 Yuan a month after taxes... because there are so many jobs
    -you should be offered free housing (or a stipend, or money for housing included in your salary) and a bonus (usually a flight home at the end of your contract)
    -determine if you want to teach in a training school, public school, teach adults, specialize (IELTS, etc.), or teach little kids.
    -if you go to a school and you are their first foreign teacher, then be ready for the VIP treatment.
    -China has national and provincial awards for foreign teachers who do a exemplary job. One guy I know won a big honor, a medal in fact, and it came with a red envelope stuffed with cash. They want you to be here.
    -an important point is that your prospective school should have someone whose job it is to help you out upon arrival--and who knows all about the visa and residence permit process, and that you are in touch with this person prior to arrival
    -China also has jobs for teaching French or German (native speakers)

    -if you want a job teaching English in China I can guarantee you one at my school in Huai'an right now. Write me.


    I have been here for exactly one year. I enjoy a genuine, work-oriented, friendly atmosphere at my school, high standards all around. Treated with respect.
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  3. sirchai

    sirchai Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    He must be pretty old by now. I prefer this one: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

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