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Private schools at risk of closure

Discussion in 'Education from Thailand' started by trnwrk, 1 Mar 2017.

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    Private schools at risk of closure
    • 1 Mar 2017 at 04:00

    Bilingual education such as this class at the International School of Bangkok are threatened by a lack of qualified staff. (Photo courtesy of ISB)

    The trend of private schools closing is expected to worsen, coming on top of the 40 or so that have shut down in recent years due partly to falling student rolls, says the Office of Private Education Commission (Opec).

    At the same time, Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin says plans to increase the amount of time which primary students spend in English classes may have to go on hold because of a shortage ....................................................

    ................................................................ Basic Education Commission (Obec) observed the "Boot Camp" teacher development project at Chalermkwansatree School in Phitsanulok.

    Earlier, the ministry ordered primary schools across the country under Obec's administration to increase the amount of time spent which Grade 1 and 3 students spend in English classes from 40 to 200 hours per year.

    The plan is aimed at increasing student's engagement in classrooms and improving their language proficiency.

    The ministry in partnership with the British Council launched the Boot Camp programme recently, to develop communicative teaching skills and methodological practices for Thai state-school English teachers and improve their English proficiency.

    In the lower northern provinces, a total of 75 English teachers from primary and secondary schools have been attending the programme, he said.

    Dr Teerakiat said the ministry plans to expand the programme which will involve more than 50,000 teachers nationwide in the next few years.

    Teachers from private and vocational schools would be urged to join the programme, he added. This year, he said about 15,000 state-school English teachers have been involved.

    Under the programme, teachers from primary and secondary educational service areas nationwide are selected to participate.

    The ministry launched the boot camp for Thais teaching English or the so-called "train-the-trainer" programme in March last year.

    Read the whole article here: Private schools at risk of closure | Bangkok Post: news

    The article starts with closing private schools because of a lack of students and end with the so called boot camp teachers.

    Our school has one of them. According to that teacher the project seemed to have died.

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