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Discussion in 'Region Guides' started by ramses, 17 Jul 2012.

  1. ramses

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    31 Jan 2012
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    Where is the city, town or village?
    Prachinburi, Amphoe Mueang - 2 hours from bangkok, 2 hours from cambodia

    What's available for foreigners in regard to schools?
    Two government high schools in the center of town, catholic school, and a couple elementary schools. Language schools spring up and die out quickly.

    What are the costs of living there?
    Not bad at all. I started on 35 a month (six years ago). Had a brand-new 4 br / 2 1/2 bath house for 6000 on about 1/4 rai.

    How about entertainment and social activities? Will I be the only foreigner in the city?
    They have a 'Hollywood' disco. Several sleazy thai karaoke bars. There are more farang / japanese friendly places near 304 industrial park, about a 30 min bike ride away. Foreigners are few and far between, but you will not be the only one.

    Shopping and such?
    Big C - built when I was there, and now they have (I think) a Tesco. They have all the restaurants associated with the shopping centers

    Local Transportation?

    Advantages of living there?
    Kao Yai entrance about 30 minute drive away. Plenty of eye candy from KMITNB campus (12 km from center of town). Cheap everything (we lived on about 20k a month - from a 35k salary) One of the best government hospitals. Very laid back place to stay. Plenty of places to go that are 'off the beaten path'.

    No nice hotels in town. Resorts on the way to Kao Yai are ridiculous. Everyone knows everything about you. Blatant racism on the part of the locals. No beaches. Increasing gang and criminal activity.

    Final round up of the city, town or village
    Nice place. Cheap. Good place to raise kids if you are willing to live out in the sticks a few km. Not for you if a night out in Bangkok invariably ends up on the lower end of Suk, or if you have vices other than a pack of smokes per day.

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