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Opening Shot

Discussion in 'The Library' started by TopCat, 9 Jun 2012.

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    31 Dec 2011
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    'Opening Shot' is the title of my new book. If you like the books of Lee Child featuring Jack Reacher then you may enjoy this story also. This is the first story featuring Dave Gold - if the book is a success then there may be others. It's currently only available on Amazon Kindle:

    Opening Shot (UK)

    Opening Shot (USA)

    It's a full length novel of 93,000 words. This is the taster for it:

    "In Afghanistan a Government minister is kidnapped and killed. A British army helicopter is lost. And a British secret agent goes missing.

    In London a criminal gang is churning out counterfeit money. Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic Games are well underway. And Dave Gold is wrongly arrested for murder.

    Released from custody Dave sets out to prove his innocence. His enquiries lead him to the counterfeiters and bring violence his way. Fortunately Dave can look after himself. He’s the coach for the British Olympic judo team. But when he also attracts the attention of Afghan terrorists intent on sabotaging the Olympic Games, and more, it begins to look like he may be out of his depth.

    The police and the security services have their hands full and are slow to fit the pieces together. Will they be able to work things out in time to stop the terrorists? Or will it be left to Dave to unravel the mess into which he has inadvertently stumbled?"

    Naturally I highly recommend the book. But then I would do that as I am the author. Anyway, please give it a try. You can download it onto your PC if you don't have a Kindle device and then read it on your PC. Amazon provide all the software free of charge when you buy the book and it only takes seconds to download.

    Also, if you like my book, as I hope you will, then go onto the Amazon website and click the 'like' icon to let others know. Better still write your own review there. If this book is going to make it big then it needs help like that to get the exposure it deserves.

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    19 Oct 2011
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    ^ Wow ..yer a busy man topcat :smile2:

    Good luck to ya me ol'mukker:thumbsup2:

    Sorry ..no have the spondoolies at mo':verysad: go on ..send us a free Thailand Teaching copy :happy1::thumbsup2:

    I just read a nice novel that my father gave me when I was in da Blighty: "Rebuilding the Indian" by Fred Haefele ... think 1998. T'was a nice ol read:thumbsup2:

    May success and fortune come your way with your book writing ..wish I could do that ..jing jing.

    All the best:cheers2: GBG
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