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Old school 'refuses' to issue Tax Statement

Discussion in 'Tax issues' started by GanDoonToonPet, 2 Mar 2016.

  1. chuachinsoon

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    15 Mar 2012
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    Had a friend who didn't pay taxes for 2 years because of misinformation from a Thai colleague. Went to the tax office with him, but they didn't ask him about past years' taxes. Just for that 1 year. So maybe do the stupid falang route and avoid talking about previous work at other schools.

    At my previous school, they told me to fill up the form myself even though it was supposed to be issued by the school. I did the stupid falang thing, went to the tax office and asked them about it. They told me that by law the school was supposed to issue the document, and if they still refused, I was to go back to the office and they would help me talk to the school. I went back and told the school admin that (still playing the stupid falang). They issued the documents pronto. Heheh. And it wasn't tax avoidance or anything, just some lady who couldn't be bothered to get up from her Som Tum.

    So hopefully something you could think about...

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