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No job- moving to Bangkok

Discussion in 'Welcome Newbies' started by Kay5155, 5 Apr 2016.

  1. Kay5155

    Kay5155 Thread Starter New Member

    5 Apr 2016
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    I am moving to Bangkok in August. My husband is teaching at Shrewsbury. I am a humanities (geography, religious studies, history) teacher and I am looking for a job. I think
    I have missed the boat on recruitment for September.

    Could anyone let me know if it is easy to find supply work at international schools and what is the best way of doing this?

  2. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    I'm sure other members chime in.
  3. ramses

    ramses Well-Known Member

    31 Jan 2012
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    Welcome to the forum. It is always a treat to see new members.

    Unfortunately, most recruitment was done in February for the inters, so work might be hard to come by, especially if are only willing to work for an inter (as I would be if I were in your shoes). However, I would recommend approaching some of the schools in bangkok and offer to be a substitute teacher on as needed basis. You'd likely get 3 - 5k thb/ day as a sub. Your husband might suggest you are available to sub, before you get here. Also, the folks at Shrewsbury are fairly well connected, and they would be able to put you in touch with (or give you contact info for) other inters nearby.

    If you have not already done so, you will need to sort visas when you get here. Your husband will be on a Non-Imm B visa, you will have to get a Non-Imm O visa. If you pick up a job later, you can do so on the O, if you so choose. If you have not already done so, get a notarized copy of your marriage license, as it may come in handy when applying for your non-O (this may depend on a number of factors, not the least of which is the weather).

    There is a tremendous upside, and that the salary your husband gets will be more than enough to cover all the bills, and pay for vacations whenever the schools are closed. Also the management at that school will save you a lot of the headaches and angst that most foreigners endure when they arrive to teach.
  4. po3try

    po3try Well-Known Member

    11 Mar 2014
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    yep let it be known to your husbands school of your qualifications and keenness too work.

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