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Newbie...have Non-B now go to TCT?

Discussion in 'Welcome Newbies' started by Jimcarr65, 7 Apr 2016.

  1. SundayJam

    SundayJam Well-Known Member

    27 Jul 2014
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    Well, the first time I a got a pass from the boss at the embassy there. They said I was missing some paperwork legitimizing the status of my school. My boss spoke with them on my cell and convinced them to let it slide. The next time I went for another school, I was missing the same paperwork. This time, they handed me a list of necessary documents and allowed me to apply for a 2 month tourist visa instead. I have that list now, but no paper work from my school. Things have much improved at Vientiane, but not at my school.
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  2. sirchai

    sirchai Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    Don't worry, you're not alone. Same bs at my school. The (miss) coordinator was just asking me what documents she'll need to produce for my new visa and work permit. ( Extension, sorry) .

    I drove to the local Immigration before and they gave me a list what's needed, scanned it in and sent if off to the coordinator, who seems to have a problem with coordinates.

    Usually bigger schools have somebody who's taking care of the documents. I even have to take a Thai government employee as a sort of guarantee with me.

    That's every year and the Filipinos have to do the same, so nothing personal.

    Just received a phone call today that I can pick my documents up tomorrow morning, but also have to look for the retired teacher to come with me.

    Good is that I've got some friends at the Immigration, where one or two missing documents wouldn't be a problem and I'll get my visa extended.

    A lot of smaller schools just don't know what's needed. Of course are there websites in Thai where they could easily look it up, but.................it's Thailand.
  3. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA την σκαφην σκαφην λεγοντας

    16 May 2014
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    It is a good idea to have the phone number of your school ready when you go to a Thai consulate or the Thai embassy in Laos. Just going off the information on the Thai government's websites might not be enough. I had a Thai person call the consulate in Savannakhet before I made the journey. I recall that I needed an invitation letter from the school which included a photocopy of the university President's ID card. A mistake I made during the process was that I let the consulate in Savannakhet keep original documents. Have plenty of copies ready, of everything.

    Once I got my Non-B I had no problems renewing it at the local immigration office. The work permit was also straight forward, but I did notice that the people in that office made things more difficult for me than was necessary. It did not bother me at all, and once they saw this they relented.

    The Non-B and renewal process looks difficult, but actually the Thais do a good job overall. It is not that bad.

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