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More Tragic Nonsense in London

Discussion in 'General News from other countries' started by portnoy58, 19 Jun 2017.

  1. portnoy58

    portnoy58 Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    17 Mar 2011
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    I'm just catching up on the news and am concerned, nay gutted, to learn a nutter has driven a truck into a crowd of Muslim worshippers leaving a mosque in the Finsbury Park area of north London. This is the problem with propagating hate and attempting to legitimise it - there's no predicting how it might impact on people. ( We teachers intuitively understand how our charges mimic each other and push it and push it some more and that there is always one who doesn't know when enough is enough and oversteps the mark). There are reports of the driver, a white guy, yelling about wanting to kill Moslems. Well he has killed one person for his efforts and seriously hurt several others. But he was overpowered and there are reports of the mosque's leader, Mohammed Mahmood instructing his people: 'You do not touch him'. So he was restrained by those he attacked and duly handed over to London's finest. These are truly grim times in which we live and my heart and prayers go out to all people in London who must be wondering when this insanity will end.
  2. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA την σκαφην σκαφην λεγοντας

    16 May 2014
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    This guy is a nutcase. I start to wonder if he was even sober. We will know soon.
  3. sirchai

    sirchai Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    I'm afraid that it's not just London and it seems that the whole insanity has just started.

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