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Linux Lifeboat

Discussion in 'Computers and Electronics' started by gungchang, 5 Jan 2017.

  1. gungchang

    gungchang Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    16 Oct 2011
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    I'm often spouting off about Linux. It's pretty much taken over everything but desktops, and this annoys the hell out of Linus Torwalds. So, partly for his sake, I'm throwing out some links.

    I'm also doing this because a flash drive with Ubuntu or Linux Mint can function as a rescue disk, allowing you to access your files in event of a crash. It can also be a lifeboat, allowing you to use your computer until you repair your computer's OS (be it Linux or Windows). This is not a bad thing to have.

    This is for Ubuntu (harmony) and, no disrespect to Lindows, this brought Linux to the masses.

    Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

    This is for Linux Mint. It is Ubuntu with more elegant and pragmatic desktops.

    Download - Linux Mint

    Whichever you choose, you'll need to install it on a DVD or a flashdrive.

    This one offers persistence.

    Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux

    This means you can run it from a flashdrive and make changes, such as changing the desktop background or adding programs or storing documents.

    If you have an EFI drive (and if you are running pre-installed Windows you probably do), a UUI (Pendrive Linux) flash drive may not boot. Then, you might need Rufus.

    Index of /downloads

    Choose GPT/EFI when you format the drive.

    You won't have persistence and you'll lose all your changes every time you boot with it, but you'll have your rescue/lifeboat drive.

    And, who knows? You might even grow some balls and try the better OS.
  2. Chan Chan

    Chan Chan New Member

    10 Mar 2017
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    The year of the Linux on the desktop in 2017? :)
  3. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA Well-Known Member

    16 May 2014
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    Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere

    If privacy is important to you, then take advantage of this flavor of Linux: TAILS. I talk about it once in a while on this site. It is a live operating system that you can put on a USB or SD Card or DVD, one that you can use as a lifeboat--and it leaves no traces on its host.

    It also has incredible cryptographic tools. You can create a secure partition on your USB that no one can get into (except, perhaps, a national-level agency.) If you lose it, so what?

    It's free and its fun to play with. It comes with a tool that erases metadata (metacontent). It is meant to run over the TOR network, and so your stuff can bounce around the world with a truly hidden IP and fake MAC address. You can have both privacy and anonymity. Thailand does not block it. China does.

    I prefer Fedora to Ubuntu or Mint, but there are some wonderful Ubuntu flavors. Fedora is useful, it really has a lot of interesting applications. For example, one of them can show you a picture of the night sky at your location, and you can identify all those pesky lights in the sky. It is also free.

    I invented a handy cryptographic tool last year. In short, it is a collector's living nightmare. I am going to start a company in a few months and start selling it over the internet. I will post something here when I get the website up. It is also involved with Linux. Cryptographic tools are dangerous, especially when they work well and are difficult to subvert. This one was designed with defense in mind. It gives an extremely high expectation of privacy, but not anonymity (that is what TAILS is for). Not that TAILS is an absolute solution against all malicious actors. I doubt that it is. But if you want your wife to not know you are looking at hot Japanese chicks over the internet, rest assured. Especially if you are using a USB with an encrypted partition.

    The real purpose is for businessmen and negotiators to be able to defeat all collection. And, no joke, it can.

    Blah, blah. More on that later.

    Using Linux-based products is a good idea. You get a lot less corporate collection. Windows 7 and above are now collection platforms folks, and that is all there is too it. Professionals piggy-back on Windows, the most attacked OS in the world, with its huge attack surface. Windows is a joke as far as security goes, and they play a lot of dirty games to collect everything they can about you.

    In Thailand: if you want privacy, then use a flavor of Linux, encrypt your hard drive (comes with Ubuntu), shoot your traffic over VyprVPN to Perth (easy to set up), use Duckduckgo as your search engine, and use Mozilla for your browser (with Ghosterly, AdBlock Plus, TrackMeNot, and uBlock Origin--as addons). You can also stop scripting in the browser if you want. Furthermore, you can play with the other security addons and find ones you like. Such a setup will give you a safe experience. People at the ISP are going to see Jack Sh*&. If you use Ubuntu, you can take advantage of the free malware and rootkit tools that come with it. For email go with Tutanota or Countermail.

    If you really want to play hardball for some anonymity, then use TAILS from anonymous computers around you in cafes, etc. Just get it to boot the USB/SD card/DVD first. The USB is easiest. No record.

    If you want to go hardcore and have both with state-of-the-art cryptographic tools and a scary implementation, to include steganography (undetectability), then you can visit my website once I get it rolling.

    Sabaii Dee.

    CounterMail - protecting your privacy - encrypted pgp email webmail
    Secure mail: Tutanota makes encrypted mails easy. #FOSS
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  4. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA Well-Known Member

    16 May 2014
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    Correction: Windows 7 and above are now collection platforms folks, and that is all there is to it.
  5. fred flintstone

    fred flintstone Well-Known Member

    19 May 2012
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    Manjaro.....worth a look

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