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Kingdom could become higher-education hub, says study

Discussion in 'Education from Thailand' started by Gor Blimey Guvnur!, 27 Nov 2016.

  1. Gor Blimey Guvnur!

    Gor Blimey Guvnur! Thread Starter What the duck ! Staff Member

    19 Oct 2011
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    This old chestnut again, but from a different source/study.

    Full story: Kingdom could become higher-education hub, says study.

    "This week, THE announced that Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Iran, Colombia and Serbia (TACTICS) had the potential to become higher-education stars.
    “TACTICS have a higher average proportion of university-aged students enrolled in higher education than BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa], and greater average research quality,” Phil Baty, THE rankings editor, said"

    So lets lump a bunch of countries together that sound cool ....should have been the TICTACS are bettererer than the CRIBS. More 'gangster' sounding eh.

    "Baty, however, pointed out that despite Thailand’s strong international outlook, “the political crisis in 2013-14 held back the nation’s universities and the government has been less committed in investing in higher education”, resulting in a poor research environment."

    But as a conclusion some sense has been found within the non-democratic system that is our current reality in LOS.
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  2. SageAdvice

    SageAdvice Well-Known Member

    18 Nov 2016
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    The Kingdom could become many things. A serious education "hub" is not one of them, at least under the present system of gross mismanagement of the country's educational resources. Still, Min of Ed cronies like to project a positive image and even throw some current jargon into the mix just in case anyone doubts its bureaucratic value.
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  3. Buoyant

    Buoyant Member

    3 Oct 2012
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    Or LOS could become a giant pie in the sky. My bets are on on the latter. Hoping for French apple with the crumbly topping. Blackberry is also very nice. Then again there is strawberry-rhubarb.
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  4. fred flintstone

    fred flintstone Well-Known Member

    19 May 2012
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    'Could" being the key word here. Kinda like I could win the power ball.
  5. Clown

    Clown Well-Known Member

    26 Jul 2013
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    "Sacher Tart" for me, please. - My college will hold Innovations' presentations for a week. With students all over the North coming to do their presentations in English.

    No one asked me to assist.

    Why's that?

    A previous "presentation" had one of our students effing m e m o r i z e his speech written by a plonker. (Likely some Thai teacher whp wanted to show off fancy words, rather than have a students grasp concepts, then say what he means and not worry about the wording).

    As long as Thais resent the things foreigners might help them with, will there be hope?

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