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Introducing Bun Bun, our rabbit

Discussion in 'Pets: Our Best Companions' started by piggy, 30 Jul 2013.

  1. po3try

    po3try Guest

    that is a very cute rabbit. does he run around the house? i had one when i was a student and he shit everywhere and ate everything. never let us stroke him either...
  2. piggy

    piggy Thread Starter New Member

    13 Jun 2013
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    We let him out when we are home. He spends a lot of time in the cage when we are out at a movie or working. I'll occasionally let him stay out all night or all day if I unplug all electrical cords or other things that he likes to chew on. He likes petting, but hates to be held as rabbits don't feel safe with heights. I think I presently have a piece of crap stuck to my ankle that I need to wipe off before I go to bed tonight...yes, crap EVERYWHERE!!! Interesting fact about rabbits is that they eat their poop in the early mornings or evenings. Their poo will become bunched up and sticky like a bunch of grapes (smaller of course) and it has some bacteria or something in it that they need for their digestion...so they eat it! Talk about morning breath!

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