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How to use certain programs, which ones you should choose and how to change file formats to use the

Discussion in 'Classroom' started by sirchai, 11 Feb 2017.

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    21 Jul 2012
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    Hello dear members,

    Thanks to all who uploaded so many fantastic books that are of great help when teaching English, or any subjects at a school anywhere on this planet.

    I've started to try all available programs for my work many years ago and wanted to share my experience with you. Technology is changing rapidly and always new programs are a real challenge.

    I've all books for two EP classes, including science and math(s) scanned into my PC, then created PowerPointSlides which also let me put text boxes in and make words or sentences pop in when I want.

    It helps a lot when you've got access to a projector, or IP board. Sorry, when I'm talking about very old techniques now, but I'm aware that not all people are keen to do that. It's worth a try.

    We've luckily got plenty of books now and some members are on their way to gain a Diploma, a BA, or a Master's.

    First ,to my PC and notebooks programs that are necessary to be really fast in viewing PDF files, but also changing the format from PDF into an image, or an MS Office Word file, which can easily be copied and pasted.

    After Nitro 8, then p, I'm on Nitro 10 pro, a really outstanding PDF view and change program that works perfectly with MS Office 2016. But also earlier MS Office versions work with it and are fully compatible.

    You can easily create a PDF file when using MS Office Word by clicking on create a PDF file with Nitro 10.

    Some files can't be fully converted from PDF into MS Word, so I'm using PDF Converter Elite 4, which does a superb job. Even big files will be changed into MS Office Word. Copy and paste what you need for your assignment.

    Should you encounter a file that is password protected, please use a program that encrypts the password and makes it fully read- but also editable.

    A nice way to create worksheets when using MS Office 2016 ( also available in earlier versions) is the option to insert a scanned image of a book you're using for your English or subject lessons.

    It's easy to adjust the right size, no wasted time and you can insert gadgets where you can write on and add some questions, or make some parts invisible.

    Should anybody need help where to get these programs and how to use them, please feel free to send me a message.

    Technology is only as good as the person who's using it. And I've spent a long time to be where I am now. Have a great evening and long weekend. :flim

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