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Halong Bay (Vietnam)

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Clown, 7 Sep 2015.

  1. Clown

    Clown Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    26 Jul 2013
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    An ice tea by the side of the road was just 3 k Dong or $ 0.15. What's up with these tiny chairs everywhere?!?

    Paid for the service of this neglected Suzuki and can use it whenever I return. FYI, you can rent a Honda Wave or similar for less than 200 Baht. But stay away from the scammers in the big cities (and their shills praising them on Tripadvisor). Don't even think of renting a "Honda Win"!

    Found a hotel in Hanoi charging 250 k (aircon, U.S. movie channels, Sony TV) and recommend JETSTAR vs AIR ASIA. (Missed a flight - some days it's pandemonium at Don Mueang airport). and I'm sick and tired of queuing for very long periods. The fare is often lower, too, after choosing to pay for the luggage...
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  2. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    Nice to see you back again, Clown. Where are you now? Working and living in Thailand again?

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