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Great Websites for Teaching (mostly English)

Discussion in 'Classroom' started by Internationalteacher, 27 Oct 2016.

  1. sirchai

    sirchai Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    Wow. Thanks a lot, DG. I hope that you don't mind that I added your links to the others that were already posted.

    It enables all to just copy and paste them. And don't forget to bookmark them. Great stuff, thanks again.

    The file is in MS Office Word Format and readable by all versions from 2003 to 2016.

    Something that you've already mentioned is that not all newbies should have access to all that stuff.

    I hope that the Admins have an idea to make the links only visible to real members.

    Spies are everywhere and only the books are worth gold.

    Have a nice and good week. Cheers.- :thumbs up

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  2. Internationalteacher

    Internationalteacher Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    28 Dec 2010
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    Thanks DG for the additions!

    I hope you added mine as well, Sirchai.
    I used those flashcards today with my new student who I private teach. It was great in that I made a memory game and taught him new vocabulary (classroom objects). I easily printed them and laminated the cards. Great to have loads of flashcards to use with young ones.

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