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SCAM Germany migrants: Residents battle asylum seekers in Bautzen

Discussion in 'General News from other countries' started by sirchai, 16 Sep 2016.

  1. sirchai

    sirchai Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    Residents have clashed with asylum seekers in a town in eastern Germany that has become a flashpoint for anti-refugee sentiment.

    Some 80 locals, described by police as far-right, brawled with 20 young asylum seekers in Bautzen.

    The asylum seekers were chased to their hostel and put under police guard.

    The mayor said the town had to avoid becoming a playground for the far right. A curfew has been imposed on the young asylum seekers.

    Anti-migrant tensions have been mounting in Bautzen this year.

    Locals cheered when a building due to house migrants was set on fire in February.

    An 18-year-old Moroccan showed reporters on Thursday the injuries he received during the violence Please see photo

    What does an 18 year old have to be frightened of in his country, where many million people go for a holiday, year by year?

    What do I not understand here?

    Angela, what's the guy looking for and how could he become an Asylum seeking citizen?

    It's like the German tax payers haven't experienced enough the last years.

    Dope dealing Maroc.jpg
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  2. russellsimpson

    russellsimpson New Member

    9 Dec 2010
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    I personally think things are going to get a whole lot worse, particularly in Eastern Europe.

    In terms of the US, it's not going to matter who wins imo, we live in frightening times.

    Take care, cheers
  3. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA την σκαφην σκαφην λεγοντας

    16 May 2014
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    I've spent a lot of time in and around Bautzen, and it is a nice place. In Germany it is known for its big prison, and so it is no surprise that refugees were sent there.

    That Germany had a hand in the dirtywork of Iraq and Afghanistan is now resulting in the chickens coming home to roost. That is one way of looking at it.

    One particularly nasty actor in the drama was Denmark, and they are getting theirs too.
  4. GanDoonToonPet

    GanDoonToonPet Well-Known Member

    1 Apr 2014
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    I had a German pen-pal when I was at school. We were forced to learn French 3 periods a week but, as I was in the top class, I was given the option of 2 French 1 German; did I mention I was forced to learn French? Sacra bleu...

    So I went to live with my pal's family in Berlin for 2 weeks on an exchange trip. Older sister was hot but a prude. Father was an engineer, house was huge but it was rented for 20 years since they moved in; they had severe laws over there for landlords.

    We attended classes with our pals but were suffering from group psychosis so got thrown out of the class. We asked a janitor where the toilet was & he said 'shithouse over there'; I'll never forget that phrase as long as I live.

    What should have been a defining moment in our lives was that the Berlin Wall had just (or was in the process of being) dismantled. We had special permission to enter East Germany & were probably amongst the first 'westerners' to gain access. Unfortunately we were young & stupid, more concerned with the lax communist laws on tobacco.

    Actually, maybe we weren't so stupid. Upon our return we noticed the numerous portocabins occupying every blade of grass, even the school field; these things were everywhere.

    These housed the East German refugees whom the West Germans called 'nazis' which was ironic as we called them 'nazis'; who won the war, world cup etc.

    Now I'm a bit older & a bit less stupid, I look fondly on this time & consider it an important part of my cultural & moral development...

    ...slightly off topic. :smile

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