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Free Professional Development Event at NIST

Discussion in 'Classroom' started by IntEdSource, 3 Mar 2017.

  1. IntEdSource

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    5 Jan 2017
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    NIST International School is hosting the country's first-ever EdCamp Bangkok on Saturday, April 1st. EdCamps are free "unconferences" in which there is no set schedule or speakers. Instead, you show up and identify your areas of interest, and conversations and activities are facilitated around the most commonly identified ones. There is no charge to attend, and NIST is providing transportation and lunch. There are also going to be giveaways courtesy of BrainPOP.

    They want to have this become an annual event - or even more frequent - and also want to open it to as many teachers as possible regardless of where they work since many people don't have access to a set professional development budget. Teachers in government schools, bilingual schools, language institutes and international schools are all welcome.

    Only 100 spots are available, and you can learn more or sign up at edcampbkk.com.
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  2. muppetminder

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    4 Dec 2016
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    Booked. Thanks. Great school
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