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"F" word used in Canadian Parliament

Discussion in 'General News from other countries' started by SageAdvice, 20 Nov 2016.

  1. SageAdvice

    SageAdvice Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    18 Nov 2016
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    So, in the News from Canada department, this just in:

    'Fart' in parliament: Row blows up in Canada

    A row has blown up in the Canadian parliament - over the word "fart".

    When Conservative MP Michelle Rempel accused the government of treating the province of "Alberta like a fart in the room" over jobs, Green Party leader Elizabeth May took exception.

    However, it was not the accusations of inaction which riled Ms May.

    "I heard her say a word I know is distinctly unparliamentary, and I think she may want to withdraw it," the shocked Ms May said.

    "The word was f-a-r-t," she continued, spelling it out clearly so as not to repeat the offending term.

    Ms Rempel, who has represented Calgary Nose Hill since 2011, became equally incensed.

    "Is my colleague actually serious? I just gave an impassioned speech about Alberta jobs, and that's what the leader of a political party has to say? No, I don't withdraw it."...

    'Fart' in parliament: Row blows up in Canada - BBC News
  2. ttompatz

    ttompatz Just another teacher

    10 Jul 2014
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    To quote a somewhat more famous parliamentarian (may he RIP), "Fuddle-duck".

    The row over "F.A.R.T." is just another fart in the wind.

    It's not like the Green Party has anything important to say. She was just blowing smoke out of her azz.

  3. Internationalteacher

    Internationalteacher Well-Known Member

    28 Dec 2010
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    All I can say is LOL.

    FART is a word in the dictionary. I mean perhaps not used in parliament on a regular basis, but it is still a word. She was obviously trying to get her point across.
  4. sirchai

    sirchai Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    Did the flatulence cause her farting in a vulgar, ar an offensive way?

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