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Election Language Lessons

Discussion in 'The Teachers Lounge' started by Joko, 9 Nov 2016.

  1. Joko

    Joko Thread Starter Active Member

    10 Oct 2016
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    Funny how it worked out. Not the election, but the timing of it and what I've been teaching this week.

    Yesterday, it was first and second conditionals. So at the end of class, I wrote up on the board, "If Hillary Clinton wins the election, she will be the first woman to be president of the USA"

    Then I wrote, "If Donald Trump wins the election, the world will be in trouble."

    Then I thought about it and pointing to the second sentence I asked if this was a real or unreal situation? The Ss stared back at me blankly. It's not that they hadn't learned the material, they just didn't know what I was talking about.

    "No," I declared, "this is not a real situation, it's an unreal situation, so we should change it to If Donald Trump...?"


    "Yes, and change the world...?"

    "Would be!"

    Very good. Turns out it was a real situation.

    Part of today's lesson was a vocabulary and the difference between "beat" and "win"...

    I had to concede. "Donald Trump won the election"... "Trump beat Clinton"
  2. sirchai

    sirchai Well-Known Member

    21 Jul 2012
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    "If Donald Trump wins the election, the world will be in trouble."

    And that's how all started.....................................

    I'm not a fortune teller, nor do iIknow what will happen in the future, but I wouldn't even let this man drive my car.

    Sorry, I know that we've got some pro him guys on this forum and I'm also aware that Clinton wouldn't be any better.

    There'll be a time when people really understand my post.

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