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Do not sign on the dotted line

Discussion in 'Employment Contracts' started by crew, 18 Apr 2014.

  1. Clown

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    26 Jul 2013
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    Bet it's illegal, too. (Government schools had recently 3 months notice period. a requirement from higher ups, just wondering?)

    While the no call - no show incidents are upsetting, genuine sick leave for a day or two with a doctor's note should be covered anyhow. As should be the necessary leave for Visa runs and the like. They got to be kidding!

    Next, we won't get paid when they have "activities" like they had at the end of the 2nd semester for M6 students?!?

    Renting us out to other schools, then paying 500 B for full time work on a Saturday (while the director makes many times that as a fee from some village schools)? Yep! That's okay though, isn't it?

    My school had 3 foreign English teachers. Earning 20 k, 25 k and 30 k. Now comes a trick question: whose contract was renewed? Any suggestions?

    Right. Money talks. Forget TOEIC scores or ..., it's the money, stupid.

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