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Disciplinary Process

Discussion in 'Employment Contracts' started by Hey_ewe, 30 Jul 2014.

  1. ramses

    ramses Well-Known Member

    31 Jan 2012
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    what has happened before with Thai teachers has no bearing on what happens now with foreign teachers.
  2. Clown

    Clown Well-Known Member

    26 Jul 2013
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    Well, I reall reading on a forum how a foreign teacher made a hand-stand. A concerned student rushed to him,thinking he was somehow inadvertantly doing it... The boy got kicked in the face, lost 2 teeth and there was a lot of bleeding.

    What exactly went down?

    Whatever that may be, the school should terminate a contract in writing. Let them put the facts in their termination letter!

    Seems the school intentionally avoided this.

    there should be some kind of a hearing, with the FACTS being established and written down.
  3. daiwill

    daiwill Member

    7 Oct 2011
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    On the gounds of not being able to get classes P1 - M3 to settle down properly, remaining quiet during lessons or making sure that students stayed in the classes ( if they even came to class in the first place), I know have been removed from my school with no warnings, written or otherwise.
    Problem I have is, I was employed by a PROfessional Language Company, who were placing us in the school, and I still work for them for corporate work, if they can find work in Rayong or if I move to BKK. albeit part time.
    So obviously, I do not have a leg to stand on as regards to taking anyone to a tribunal for breach of contract (buyer beware) and am now completely out of work with little or no replies to any of the mulitudes of resumes sent in over the last 2 weeks.
    Luckily, as the language company still retains me, my WP and Visa are still OK, as they are in the name of the language centre and not the school.
    Though they have omitted to pay the 4000 they have taken off the teachers each month as retained money, in order to prevent I (or other staff) leaving without giving a month notice, which, I was told by the boss of the company I would receive with my final school salary, when i spoke to her on my last day at the school, and are now calling this money an end of term bonus payable to all staff at the end of each term (as each contract at the school are 2 x 5 month contracts).
  4. gungchang

    gungchang Well-Known Member

    16 Oct 2011
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    I've had a couple of P4 and M1 classes which were actually well behaved. M4 & M5 have been my worst. Maybe I should start worrying.

    It seems tacky to cut you loose with no warning whatsoever; but, I suppose that sort of thing is S.O.P. with agency personnel.
  5. Hey_ewe

    Hey_ewe Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    27 Apr 2012
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    He was directly employed by a government school and not within his probation period.

    He has managed to find another job and I think he's just going to move on.

    The incident was an accident however the Thai teacher who wasn't present decided to stick the knife in and suggested that he lost his temper.

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