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Czech HIV criminal totally deported today

Discussion in 'Residing in Thailand' started by sirchai, 25 Jan 2017.

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    21 Jul 2012
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    I'm really wondering how a human being is able to be so evil. Crazy world. \\\

    It's amazing to read that they totally deported him and not just a part of him.

    Zdenek Pfeifer, the HIV virus carrier who was wanted by Interpol for sex crimes and knowingly spreading the disease, was deported from Suvarnabhumi Airport today following his arrest in Phuket last week.

    Immigration Bureau chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Natthorn Phrosunthorn said the Immigration Police processed the deportation of the Czech national, who has been accused of perpetrating sexual offenses, including sex with a minor, as well as purposely spreading the HIV virus.

    He entered Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport on June 6, 2015. He overstayed his visa by approximately a year and a half.

    Czech HIV criminal totally deported today | Coconuts Bangkok

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