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China - The Future of Tech Evolution

Discussion in 'The Movie and Television Lounge' started by DigitalGypsy, 11 Feb 2017.

  1. DigitalGypsy

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    15 Jan 2013
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    Thought I'd post this here, I stumbled upon it whilst doing some research on China. Looks like the future is going to be very interesting in this neck of the woods. I grew up thinking that anything with 'Made in China' inscribed on it was plastic, tacky, cheap cr*p sold in discount stores. This has changed my opinion somewhat :yes

    It also got me thinking about the future of tech and education. Do any of you guys on here get a chance to do any project work or tech experiments with any of your classes?

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  2. Internationalteacher

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    28 Dec 2010
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    ^Thanks for that. I'll watch it later today and report my opinion. :)
    I know there are many electronic markets like they showed in the first part here in Beijing. You can get cheap electronics for anything. Chinese cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai have grown so so fast. Chinese people are very hard working in my experience.

    We have incorporated technology into our school quite a bit. I did an IB course this year in Digital Citizenship. In our school, we have children who use Ipads often for research and they make their own blogs (starting in grade 2). Children take their Ipads on field trips to snap pics. Each classroom has two computers. I also use a smartboard now and then to allow children to become more interactive in their learning (touch screen is great). Each class has a smartboard.

    Children are very aware of websites to help them even outside of school. We use studyladder.com where students can practice their Math/English. They also are recommended to read RazzKids.com where they practice their reading and comprehension at home.
    My school gives free passwords to those sites. Each teacher has to do a daily blog about their lessons for the parents to read. Personally, my goal is to learn more about tech and incorporating it into an EAL classroom. I don't have my own class Ipads in my class, so I don't use them as much. The homeroom teachers use them quite often.
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