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Bayern - the place I come from

Discussion in 'The Teachers Lounge' started by sirchai, 15 Jan 2017.

  1. sirchai

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    21 Jul 2012
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    You won't really find decent food in Frankfurt. The city is basically the banking capital of Germany, not far away from the red light area of the train station, with rooms provided by the city of Frankfurt for junkies where they get their utensils to satisfy their addiction.

    It seems that the cops gave up on chasing junkies and crackheads and the junkie rooms are completely legal. I had an aunt who lived in this area, which might not be a great place to stay.

    Of course did America's crack swap over to Germany and some areas in Frankfurt aren't that nice at night.

    Many years ago was an "open scene" where junkies occupied all the parks at the bank area and it was a sort of weird to walk through this park and see thousands of drug shooting people and bankers walking around in their lunch break........

    The city is pretty much liberal, but the city itself doesn't have too many nice things to offer. Well, Frank Zappa and other bands in the Old Opera were great, the acoustic is unbelievable. But Frank had to go and so had I.

    Countless Thai and other Asian prostitutes are working in the red light area at the train station and a lot have completely lost their path, so not really a city to make a holiday.

    I worked there as a social worker for the city of Frankfurt for two years and had enough insight, but such a job's more than frustrating. It's like fighting with windmills. No, thanks. Working with the constantly occurring death isn't funny at all.

    If you travel to Germany's north you might have a stop at Frankfurt's head train station. You can't just drive thru Frankfurt by train, just because of the way the main train station was built. Most trains stop there for a minute, or two.

    A trip to Amsterdam via train or Schiphol airport would be a much better option.
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  2. Internationalteacher

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    28 Dec 2010
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    ^Wow, thanks for the information. I had no idea. Hopefully someday we can all get together in Thailand and talk about travel and I can meet your families! :)
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