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Another 5 Year Gold Card Issued thanks to TT

Discussion in 'Teacher Licensing (TCT)' started by portnoy58, 30 Sep 2016.

  1. DavidUSA

    DavidUSA Well-Known Member

    16 May 2014
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    In Portnoy58's case, I think it was just rotten luck. I have talked to so many people, and I have not met a rotten one yet. But some contracts were awful, more like volunteering for prison.

    As Portnoy58 knows, I just signed my second contract. I'm quite glad about the move to China, in every way. So far, so good. But luck plays a part and one has to be careful.

    If anyone wants advice, write me.
  2. Stamp

    Stamp Administrator Staff Member

    26 Nov 2010
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    Forgot to ask you. Was a degree verification required as mentioned in the thread below?

    Degree Verification Part III: Licence Revoked | Thailand Teaching Asia - Living and Teaching in Thailand
  3. gungchang

    gungchang Well-Known Member

    16 Oct 2011
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    I received the ID card when renewing my WP. I don't know how long the school had had it prior to that. I copied the license and received it as well when I left.

    Changing jobs was a good thing. Teaching up north, mostly anuban, was a nice experience, including sharing the road with buffaloes and cattle when bicycling to and fro. One year into China and classes full of polite 20 year old women is an astounding contrast to the self righteous boys I taught in Bangkok. Thinking about them now is like reminiscing about psychotic ex-girlfriends.

    Anyway, congrats to those about to receive their licenses. I suspect that mine was a factor in both my post-Bangkok gigs.

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