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Alcoholics Anonymous Open Information Meeting.

Discussion in 'Social and Public Events Calender' started by Dubarry, 9 Dec 2015.

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    "Gungchang somehow I landed on this post and just wanted to express my belated condolences to your wife on her bereavement. The drink can be a terrible nightmare as your father-in-law's experience testifies - died alone. This happens everywhere in the world, a kind of universal experience for those who take it to excess, it isolates you and then it kills you. There's virtually no help available for local people either for what is otherwise a massively under-acknowledged problem. I hope next year is better for your missus. Best etc"

    Portnoy posted this on another thread and it was read by a friend of mine who asked me to post the following information about an open A.A. Information meeting that is being held in Bangkok on the 19th of December. Although the meeting is being held in English he tells me that there are also Thai speaking A.A.meetings in Thailand

    If you think you have a problem with your drinking

    If someone close to you is having problems with their drinking

    Alcoholics Anonymous is having an:

    Open Alcoholics Anonymous Public Information Meeting

    At S15 Sukhumvit Hotel

    217 Sukhumvit 15, Bangkok

    On Saturday 19th of December 2015 at 7pm.

    Come and find out how Alcoholics Anonymous can help.

    Speakers will share their experience of drinking and how A.A. has helped them to stop.

    Information on meetings in Bangkok and on how A.A. works will be given on the night.

    Event hosted by the “Lost & Found” Group Bangkok.
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