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A Chinese Song

Discussion in 'The Music Lounge' started by yesnotankuok, 20 Aug 2013.

  1. yesnotankuok

    yesnotankuok Thread Starter Member

    18 Mar 2013
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    Sorry if this song sounds weird and alien to you.

    This is a chinese cantonese song. His name is Sam Hui, a Hong Kong Cantopop musician, singer, songwriter, and actor famous in the the late 70s n early 80s. He is credited with popularizing Cantopop both with the infusion of Western-style music and using popular, street Cantonese jargon in his lyrics writing. Sam Hui is considered by some to be the first major superstar of Cantopop.

    許å†*å‚‘ - 浪å*￾心è￾²From the Heart of a Loafer -Sam hui With English translation - YouTube

    Do you have any song to share from where you come from? :happy1:
  2. Mati

    Mati Well-Known Member

    21 Oct 2012
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    I am curious to listen to the music, will get the opportunity tomorrow at school. Thanks

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