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Image Title Text
smile smile :smile
yes yes :yes
thumbs up thumbs up :thumbs up
celebrate2 celebrate2 :celebrate2
cool cool :cool
grin grin :grin
smiling smiling :smiling
cheers cheers :cheers
hillarious hillarious :hilarious
Drinking Drinking :drinking
Huh Huh :huh
laughing5 laughing5 :laughing5
Agreed Agreed :agreed
aloof aloof :aloof
good night good night :good night
sleep sleep :sleep
Angry2 Angry2 :angry2
angry3 angry3 :angry3
angry4 angry4 :angry4
go10 go10 :go10
porky porky :porky
ashamed ashamed :ashamed
Ban Ban :ban
Ban2 Ban2 :ban2
Bump Bump :bump
Burp Burp :burp
Bye Bye :bye
celebrate1 celebrate1 :celebrate1
chinrub chinrub :chinrub
coffee coffee :coffee
cold cold :cold
confused confused :confused
cursing cursing :cursing
devil devil :devil
nope nope :nope
doglol doglol :doglol
duh duh :duh
fever fever :fever
gayfight gayfight :gayfight
film film :flim
fishwack fishwack :fishwack
icecream icecream :icecream
gbg gbg :gbg
smoke smoke :smoke
grinningdevil grinningdevil :grinningdevil
Guns Guns :guns
happybday happybday :happy birthday
teacher teacher :teacher
ill2 ill2 :ill2
vomit vomit :vomit
idea idea :idea
innocent innocent :innocent
innocent2 innocent2 :innocent2
laughing laughing :laughing
lol lol :lol
lostit lostit :lost it
worship worship :worship
love love :love
love2 love2 :love2
music music :music
pity pity :pity
offtopic offtopic :offtopic
oops oops :oops
party party :party
popcorn popcorn :popcorn
partytime partytime :part time
rolleye rolleye :rolleye
runaround runaround :runaround
clap clap :clap
lmao lmao :lmao
sad sad :sad
scared scared :scared
shhh shhh :shhh
angry10 angry10 :angy10
dance dance :dance
whacky whacky :whacky
sorry sorry :sorry
spam spam :spam
boxing boxing :boxing
go go :go
go2 go2 :go2
thai wai thai wai :thai wai
tongue tongue :tongue
like like :like
dance10 dance10 :dance10
Uk Uk :uk
very sad very sad :very sad
welcome welcome :welcome
welcome2 welcome2 :welcome2
viking viking :viking
computer computer :computer
welcome3 welcome3 :welcome3
wink2 wink2 :wink2
worthless worthless :worthless
bouncing bouncing :bouncing