Nothing Worse Than Tooth Pain

I was speaking to a few friends about my tooth pain and they said that I should get to my dentist as soon as I could. Well, that was on a Friday night and my dentist was not going to be open until Monday morning. I looked for Australia oral jelly so that I could feel better for the time being. I was not going to be able to walk around and enjoy my weekend with the pain that I was in. I have had a few broken bones and many different painful bruises and nothing even came as close in pain to the amount of sharp pain I was in where my tooth was aching. The gum above a tooth in the back of my mouth was aching and I have never had a problem with my teeth before so I was really worried that it was going to to be something serious. I tried to look at the picture on my phone that I took with the camera on it but I couldn’t manage to see what it was on my gum.

I was trying to see what it was but I was going to use the jelly no matter what. I was hoping that I was going to be able to stop the pain because the best way I can describe it is to say that I felt like a very large lighting bolt was going from my mouth to my brain. My brain felt like it was on fire and I really did not like the way that it felt. People were trying to help me with different things to get the pain to stop but it really was funny to hear people say things like put a spoon on your nose to make the pain go away.